Shipping & Delivery

We ship Koi Nationwide in the Philippines and to major cities Worldwide!

Shipping: We like to insist on shipping our koi airport to airport. The benefits of this are time and price. A typical scenario would be the packing up of the koi in the morning and then driving it to the airport immediately. It arrives to you the same day it is shipped and is in your pond for you to enjoy all the quicker.

Shipping cost depends on the quantity and the size of fish ordered. Multiple Koi can be shipped in one box. Once we received your orders, we will email you the total costs including shipping charge.

Shipping Prices: Average airport-to-airport prices are detailed below for the trip, you have to pick the koi up at the cargo area usually located near your airport. Prices are inclusive of P350 box & handling charge.

Shipping Charges Luzon Cities & Provinces Visayas Cities & Provinces Mindanao Cities & Provinces
Small Box Php1,300.00 Php1,300.00 Php1,300.00
Medium Box Php1,700.00 Php1,700.00 Php1,700.00
Large Box Php2,000.00 Php2,000.00 Php2,000.00

Maximum number of Koi per box*
Size Small Box Medium Box Large Box
3 inch 120 250 360
4 inch 80 160 250
5 inch 50 100 150
6 inch 30 60 90
7 inch 25 50 75
8 inch 20 40 60
9 inch 15 30 45
10 inch 10 20 30
11 inch 8 16 24
12 inch 6 12 18
13 inch 5 10 15
14 inch 3 6 9
15 inch 2 4 6

All shipments must be paid in full prior to shipping. Shipment will be sent to your nearest airport via Air Cargo. All Koi must be picked up from the airport and released to your pond within 3 hours of flight arrival. We do guarantee our koi on purchases for a period of 24 hrs. If any problems arise please contact us within this time frame for the warranty to take effect.

*For up to 8 hours transit time. We may reduce the quantity of koi per box for longer flight duration.

International Shipping: Please email us at to arrange international shipping.

A word about the box environment: All koi are bagged once in pure oxygen, then that bag is bagged again the Japanese way. The double-bag is then placed in a reinforced koi shipping box which is air-freighted to your nearest airport.