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All our Koi are bred and raised in mud ponds at our farm in Batangas. The mud and water chemistry in our ponds is exactly the same as that of a Koi’s natural habitat which is rich in natural food and nutrients.


Our Farm is situated on the fertile lands of Batangas, four hectares of former rice paddies rich in minerals and clay from which 25 mud ponds over 1500 square meters each were dug out exclusively for growing out Koi. Our water supply is from the deep well, pumping out pristine mineral rich water to the ponds, essential for Koi development. The mild Batangas climate which does not get too hot during the summer together with its high land elevation and its proximity to the sea provides plenty of rainfall throughout the year ideal for growing out Koi.

All our Koi are hatched using both artificial and natural breeding techniques. Quality Koi parent stocks from Japan are ‘milked’ in artificial breeding to assure desired specific bloodlines. The koi eggs are then incubated in our hatchery until it hatches into tiny Koi fry.

These little fry are then stocked in our mud ponds rich in phytoplankton and zooplankton a natural and nutritious food for the tiny Koi.

By producing large quantities of Koi fingerlings, the exceptional Tategoi are segregated and grown separately to obtain truly beautiful Koi.

168 Koi Farm hatches, grows and supplies a wide variety of quality Koi. 168 Koi sells both wholesale and retail and ships Koi locally and worldwide.

These are top quality Koi produced from imported Japanese brood stock. Our Koi are available in a variety of sizes and colors.

We are looking forward to filling your pond with beautiful Japanese Nishikigoi!
  • The first in the Philippines using artificial and natural breeding technique to produce excellent quality Japanese Koi.
  • The Breeding and Grow out farm is located in Batangas where the mud ponds are rich in minerals and clay, the weather is ideal for growing out Koi and deep wells supplying mineral rich water to our ponds – all essential for Koi development.
  • Import and Export of Koi.
  • Pond design, filtration system and construction.
  • Pond Equipment and Accessories.
  • Koi Medication and Pond Maintenance.

To ensure healthy Kois we do not sell directly at our farm. All newly harvested Kois are conditioned and quarantined for a month at our farm facility before being transferred to our showroom at Better Living, Paranaque City.

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